Learn to Play Drums

Learn to Play Drums 

Buy 3 lessons and get the 4th LESSON FREE. $60 per drum lesson. You've made the decision to take drum lessons. What's next? Prepare, commit, and practice. I'll address your needs and work at your pace and your schedule. Let's learn more about your lessons.  

Peter Ronick - Drum Instructor

Drum Lessons

Drum lessons run anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour all for the same low price of $60 per lesson. No lesson is complete until the drum student understands each lesson and all concepts reviewed. Drum students learn stick control, mastering the bounce and bound, rudiments, drum set, and everything in between.

As your private drum instructor, I take a keen interest in your progress. Drum lessons don't end after our appointed time. I am always available to help you throughout the week.  

Lesson Specials: 
* Buy 3 lessons and get the 4th lesson free - USE CODE 001 
** Buy 10 lessons and save $100 - USE CODE 002

*, **  Lesson specials must be purchased and paid in full in advance. Sorry - No refunds



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Schedule Your Drum Lesson

Private Drum Teacher

I've been playing the drums since the age of 10 - that's 56 years of playing - and I love to teach and share my knowledge and experience.  I am dedicated to my instrument and to the art of drumming. I strive for continuous improvement, so that I can pass it on to all my students. 

Over the years, I've been influenced by many - and taught by the pros. One of my most memorable instructors was Charles (Charlie) Perry, author of many indispensable drum books including the Art of Modern Jazz Drumming, Rockin' Bass Drum Books 1 & 2, Drum Solos in Triplets, Introduction to the Drum Set, and 8 Men in Search of a Drummer.

I also continue to study (to this day) with Sam Ruttenberg, percussionist, award-winning educator, co-author of Joe Morello's Master Studies II, and the inventor of the HingeStix Practice drum sticks.  

As an instructor, I find it important to continue lessons (just like my students), which I have been doing off-and-on throughout my 56 years of playing. 

My musical influences span most musical genres, including Jazz, Swing, Fusion, Rhythm & Blues, Rock n Roll, Prog Rock, Country, Gospel, Afro Cuban, Latin, and World Music.  

But the drummers who have influenced me most are perhaps as eclectic as the musical influences that make up my musical DNA. They include Buddy Rich, Art Blakey, Edison Machado, Ginger Baker, Bernard Purdie, Billy Cobham, Dr. Steve Gadd, Russell Kunkle, Mike Craney, Lenny White, Ricky Dawson, Paul Wertico, Antonio Sanchez, Alex Acuna, Alphonse Mouzon, Peter Erskine, Tito Puente, Mitch Mitchell, and Dave Weckl.

I am professionally endorsed by HingeStix by Sam Ruttenberg, a drum stick manufacturer with an award-winning practice drum stick that provide drum students with the immediate feel of the loose grip, while building finger control, and mastering the bounce and rebound. The HingeStix is indispensable and one of tools you will use. 

I am a member of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation's "Support Music Coalition", a network of non-profit organizations, schools, businesses, and individuals working hard to keep music education strong. I am also a member of the Sabian Education Network, an organization of international educators, and the D'Addario Education Collective.

Teaching Method 

Every drum student receives personalized drum lessons, designed to motivate, excite, challenge, and move the drum student at a steady and comfortable pace. No drum lesson is complete until the student has a full understanding of the concepts discussed and exercises assigned.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, advanced student, or an adult coming back to the drums after a long break, I will tailor your drum lessons to meet your goals and aspirations as a drummer. Maybe you want to learn rock beats to jam with your friends or you want to ultimately play professionally as a drummer, I can help show you the way. The rest is up to you.  

Virtual drum lessons are done via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger. I also teach out of my drum studio in Northern Westchester County, New York. Strict COVID-a9 protocols are followed. Students taking lessons in the studio and participating in any in-person lesson must be vaccinated and boosted. Masks and social distancing are practiced

Contact me for a free evaluation and more information here.


Learning to play the drums from a drum teacher is essential to the drum student's development and success in achieving results. Whether a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced student, private, one-on-one drum lessons, whether in-person, or done virtually, will make all the difference in the world.   

Beginner drum students learn the fundamentals of what it means to become a drummer. Drum students learn the importance of counting and keeping time on the drum set, how to read drum music notation, while building important stick control and mastering the drum rudiments that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Intermediate drum students learn how to increase hand speed and precision on the practice pad and drum set, improve reading and writing ability, build and improve 4-way independence, syncopation, linear playing, and learn a variety of patterns including rock, rhythm & blues, funk, swing, and world music.

As students advance, together we take a deeper dive into 4-way independence, drum soloing, improvisation, and more.

To start a career as a drummer or as a hobby, contact me here.

Peter Ronick is endorsed by HingeStix Practice Drum Sticks

Proudly Endorsed by HingeStix

Professionally endorsed by HingeStix by Sam Ruttenberg. Mastering bounce and rebound are the essential elements to proper stick control that lead to exceptional skills and chops. 

Peter Ronick is a member of the D'Addario Education Collective

D'Addario Education Collective

Member of the D'Addario Education Collective, which advocates the need for music education in our schools and our communities.

Peter Ronick is a member of the Sabian Education Network

Sabian Education Network

Member of the Sabian Education Network, which provides drum instructors with a variety of educational and professional resources for their teaching practice. 

What Every Student Needs


A desire and willingness to learn

Having the desire and willingness to learn creates the motivation that we all need to strive for improvement and advancement at every turn. Having the right attitude also gives you the confidence to muscle through challenges in life. Approach this challenge with an open mind,  your head up, and your eyes open, and you'll succeed at anything.   


A place to practice

It's important to establish a place in your home where you will practice everyday. If possible, chose a quite and private spot where you won't be distracted and where you won't bother anyone in your home. Set aside a corner in your bedroom, in your basement, or garage, and treat it with respect. It's your spot. Let everyone know that you've created a studio area where you'll be practicing and taking virtual lessons.   



Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, you will need a durable practice pad, a music stand, a notebook or blank musical notation book, and pencil. A pair of hickory 5A or 5B drumsticks (weighted and balanced). There are many brands to chose from so select one that appeals to you. Vic Firth is a great "go-to" brand for all drumsticks. And don't forget to buy a pair of brushes and mallets. We'll need them for our lessons, and you'll need them when you rehearse with your band or performing.     

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Drum Perfection Is Within Your Grasp

COVID POLICY: Your health and safety is important to us and we follow strict COVID Protocols. All students enrolled in "in-person" lessons must wear a mask at all times OR be fully vaccinated. Parents or guardians accompanying a student to a lesson must wear a mask at all times OR be fully vaccinated.Hand sanitizer is provided in-studio, and all surfaces are disinfected before and after each lesson.

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